Drawnigh, is Ethan Daniel Davidson’s latest album since moving back to Detroit after spending years traveling the world. His follow up to Silvertooth proves that he’s one of Detroit’s finest singer songwriters, lyrically and musically expressive. The nine tracks on the album are spread out like baubles at a bazaar, with Davidson doling them out to listeners in plaintive verse. Collaborations with some of Detroit’s finest musicians and troubadours weave a tapestry with Davidson’s golden voice threaded throughout. A nostalgic atmosphere envelops Drawnigh, Davidson’s lyrics haunted and confessional like a man seeking penance.


In the tradition of Silvertooth, Davidson’s return to music after a seven year sabbatical, Drawnigh is unrestricted and free, embracing the pay it forward mentality of give and take and give back again. Like the prodigal son, he returns offering the gift of his songs, vivid memories of experiences, rooms that smell of old books, smoke from oil lamps, and bohemian escapades. All the fears, beliefs, lies, secrets and desires accumulated, observed and turned into emotional verse that blurs the line between personal and universal. Davidson creates an intimacy and connection with his audience that is deepened by the timeless nature of his storytelling.


Ethan Daniel Davidson is that kind of legendary folk singer who supposedly died off a generation ago. He’s been all over the country, he knows the words to any song you could request and most importantly, he’s a master storyteller.

– Magnet Magazine (2012)